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BSCAI CEO Seminar - Dancing & Economic Collapse

The 2019 BSCAI CEO conference proved to be a great success. With record attendance and wonderful Caribbean temperatures, the stage was set for memorable week with friends and colleagues. Looking back on my company’s involvement with the BSCAI, which goes back to its founding by my grandparents, we never elected to go to the CEO conference. Money was typically the overwhelming reason. For years we eeked by, but business is vastly different now, and we are excited to add the CEO conference as part of our annual routine.

So, here are 4 things I learned from our time at the convention:

The Industry Brotherhood is Strong

Having been involved in several industries and organizations, I can confidently say there is a unique bond among owners and leaders in the janitorial industry, specifically the members of the BSCAI and our BSC Mastermind Group. Most striking is the transparency with which everyone communicates. If you are a person fearful of getting too close to your competition, all I can say is, “GET OVER IT.”

The Economy Will Crash Soon

In a humorous yet informative session, economist Dr. Alan Beaulieu spoke on the state of the US economy noting past trends and future analysis. Without getting into the details, Dr. Beaulieu indicated that the future seems to hold a continued trend of growth followed by another recession in the next 10-15 years. While the future is impossible to predict for mere mortals, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that rising consumer debt, easy money, and runaway government deficits create a pressure that must be relieved at some point in the future. But fear not, strong businesses with a good cash position will survive and be poised to capitalize.

BSCAI’s New Certification Program

BSCAI announced that in 2019 it will unveil a new certification program aimed for job-site supervisors. This is a much-needed step to improve the professionalism of the industry and the people who make our businesses possible.

Janitorial Business Owners Can Dance

On the last night of the conference, the NSA hosted a dinner and dancing on the beach. After an amazing meal and a glass of wine, they opened the dance floor. CEOs of companies large and small cut a rug with their spouses to cap off the end of a great trip.

Next year’s CEO conference will be in Aruba and you won’t want to miss it.

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