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Our mastermind group is a powerful, yet cost-effective way to get the information you need to scale up your janitorial business. 

Hi! I'm Jordan and I'm really glad you're here. I know this industry can be extremely frustrating at times to build the business you dream of having. I became a third generation owner of our company in 2007. Since that time we grew from an annual revenue of 1.7M to 15M and I've learned that most of the obstacles and experiences we faced were not unique to us. Every year of growth brings new obstacles and experiences and I love sharing we've learned along the way.


I started the Janitorial Mastermind Group just over two years ago because I am passionate about teaching you not only how to increase your revenue but how you can balance it with your "why" along the way. I want to show you that creating a successful company can be done with balance, purpose, and joy!

If you'd like to hear of my personal story you can head here:


But firstI hope you'll keep

scrolling to read more about our amazing group of over 100 encouraging, hardworking members who are not only learning but 

contributing each week.

What can I expect from the group?

Combining interactive webinars, articles, and discussion forums, our group of over 100 members is designed to give you the information you need to achieve the results you want. Three different modes of learning are sure to give you real takeaway value.

  • The interactive webinars are designed to deal with your real-world questions and issues.

  • The weekly content is aimed at big-picture problems BSC owners face.

  • And perhaps most importantly, the discussion forums are a safe place where like-minded individuals can share problems and solutions.

We are highly motivated to stay one step ahead of your needs -- which means we are constantly listening to the common obstacles and questions we hear from our hardworking members. To prove our commitment to providing the solutions YOU need, we've built a content library that allows you to start finding the answers, tips and insights you're searching for from your first day with us.

What kind of content will I receive?

  • Exclusive webinars each month on topics that matter to you  

  • Interviews and advice from other industry leaders who will share their knowledge, experiences and advice. 

  • Group interactions in the forums on a host of critically important topics such as employee turnover, compensation plans, tax planning, continuous improvement, and more.

  • Copies of articles and forms such as janitorial contract templates, job descriptions, coaching forms, and more.

  • Copies of my company financial reports.

Here is one example of the type of content you can expect to receive on a weekly basis. 

We hope you are excited about unlocking so many new resources but maybe you are still wondering,

"Is the Mastermind Group a good fit for me?"

The BSC Mastermind Group is designed for janitorial business owners with a few general characteristics: 

  • More than 20 employees

  • More than $400,000 in revenue

  • Less than $20,000,000 in revenue

  • Been in business for at least 2 years

Member's who flourish in our mastermind group possess the following:'

  • A strong desire to learn

  • A humble, teachable attitude

  • A commitment to engage and apply what you learn

  • A desire to grow and scale up your company

Here's what our members are saying...

"The Mastermind group, while I was unsure if I needed at first thought, has also been a major asset as well.  It allows me to have questions answered by multiple professionals in our field to give you that sense of reassurance and make a calculated decision based on their feedback.  There has also been numerous questions that others have posted that I too have had the same question about in the back of my mind."


-Brent Shears, Crown Facility Solutions

“When you reach out to the group they are happy to share their knowledge and their experience...being a part of the Mastermind group is one of the best decisions in business that I've ever made.”  


- Curt Vanderhorst, Founder 

Vanderhorst Enterprises, Inc.

"In two short months, we’ve been able to sharpen our focus and refine our plans for moving forward based on the formal presentations and message board interactions with fellow members. Terrific value! Highly recommend!"


-Eric Dengler, Let It Shine

“I would recommend it to anybody that is in the industry that’s looking to capitalize on other resources across the country.”

- Mike Eller, Owner

Populist Cleaning Company

"I have been part of Jordan’s mastermind group since it was started and the group has been wonderful. It is comprised of professionals from all over the country and everyone seems to add to its value. I am typically not a group type person, but have seen the benefits of being part of a larger group. Jordan has provided the group with a ton of valuable coaching on a variety of topics. His insight always seems to be right on point."


-Jason Chipps, Top Notch Service Group

“The resources that we receive…and the connections we have made have been something that I will forever be grateful for…


If you’re looking, whether you’re established or just starting out, for a group that is full of great people and is going to give you the resources you need to build your janitorial business, EliteBC is definitely something I would recommend.”

-Marc Battista, President

Citywide Building Maintenance

“I love the Mastermind group. The videos Jordan produces are fantastic and the webinars are very enlightening.  I particularly value the message board where we enjoy the collective wisdom and experience of over 100 contractors. I would highly recommend joining. The low monthly cost will quickly and easily pay for itself. You won’t be disappointed. We do over 7 million in annual sales and have been in business for almost 40 years and we still learn new things every day from this group.”   

- Mark Patton, President of Patton Building Services, Inc.

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