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I am passionate about business, family, and living life. For far too long, people have assumed you had to choose between a successful business and a great family life, people and profits, growth and your conscience. This is wrong! Great businesses should be places full of thriving people, satisfied customers, balanced lives, steady growth, excellent profits, and a company mission and strategy that shapes the culture. Is this possible? You bet!!!

Shortly after graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering from Tennessee Technological University, I joined my the family business, Frantz Building Services, as a 3rd generation owner. You can read more about that story in this feature article from Contracting Profits magazine. Since that time in 2007, we have built a fabulous company. We grew from just $1.7 Million to $15M in annual revenue and over 500 employees. We took the company from a single branch operation in a small city to four branch offices operating in three states and cities such as Nashville and Louisville. Frantz graduated from serving smaller clients with simpler needs to Fortune 1000 companies with complex scopes of work. We have assembled an amazing leadership team that has carried out a strategy which increased our profit margins to nearly double the industry average. Perhaps most exciting of all, we have created a culture of service, humility, love, and entrepreneurship.


How did all this happen? By accident? Were we just at the right place at the right time? NO!! In fact, I would argue that we did this despite myriad challenges: competitive market, insufficient labor pool, a less than glamorous industry, and more.  By the grace of God, we achieved these great and exciting results by following certain plans and principles. My sincere desire is to see others achieve high levels of success in the fullest sense of that word. Few things excite me more than seeing companies thrive, people flourishing, and lives being changed. 

Jordan Tong
Elite Business Coaching