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July 21, 2020

Most of us do not like the idea of picking up the phone and cold-calling a prospective customer. I don't like getting calls from telemarketers and I suppose that creates some of my reluctance in making cold calls. Probably the biggest challenge in making a cold call is what to say. You...

July 7, 2020

“Our new normal” A phrase you undoubtedly hear so often you may now be immune to it. 

While living in a post-pandemic world sometimes feels impossible, we are being reassured it will become manageable at least. What has COVID-19 taught us janitorial contractors? How can we be better prep...

June 16, 2020

I remember well the first time I went out to purchase my own car.  With a little money in my pocket for the first time, I wandered onto the first car lot and was confronted with a question that I had not considered – “what are you looking for”?  Two hours and a headache later, I realize...

June 10, 2020

Unless you’ve been living with your head in the sand, you are witnessing a massive amount of cultural unrest due to the unjust murder of George Floyd. This incident wasn’t the reason for the unrest, but the tipping point that caused many to begin voicing frustrations. We could spend day...

April 1, 2020

We are all sick of hearing about the Coronavirus. At the same time, we are worried about the effects it could have on our family, friends, and business. I want this thing to be over...and fast! But the reality is that COVID-19 and all its implications are likely with us for at least ano...

March 21, 2020

With the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing, commercial cleaning contractors are facing challenges never seen in the industry. In this industry specific webinar, we aren't going to go into details about the virus and the risk associated. Rather, we are going to discuss how a janitorial...

March 12, 2020

How should cleaning contractors respond to the Coronavirus? Now being called a global pandemic, the coronavirus is causing panic across the country. While I do think some of the panic is a bit overblown, the reality is that many businesses are concerned about the spread of the virus and...

February 25, 2020

I must admit, for several years I was not a fan of using Facebook to market janitorial services to prospective clients. My reasoning went something like this. While Facebook has hundreds of millions of users, our client list is only several hundred or perhaps a couple thousand long. Mas...

February 12, 2020

I was recently asked a question by one of our BSC Mastermind Group members that went something like this: “My janitorial company is small but we are anxious to grow. However, I find myself in somewhat of a dilemma. Due to our size, I need to be involved in the day-to-day operations, whi...

January 22, 2020

One of our BSC Mastermind members recently asked this question. “I have 3 ripe prospects in my sales funnel right now. What is your sales process from proposal to closing? Do you perform an in-person presentation? What does the follow-up look like and how soon before you start following...

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